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"American Morning" Shakes things up


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Soledad is way too good to be dumped off American Morning... i hope she had a say in this decision i feel really bad for her... Miles didn't really care for him

Yeah, she wasn't bad. If anything, I vaguely remember her from her old position on Weekend Today (I think) and she isn't that horrible of a morning host, but some believe AM just needs a little bit of a more "morning" group of anchors, not the "idiot" bunch on FNC, but a group with a little more perkiness.

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Soledad's great. Miles is really good too.


There's nothing wrong with them. New anchors won't make any difference. It's the format of the show, and correspondingly the "newsreading" nature of any host that anchors it, that gives it low ratings.


As an aside, I don't think John and Kiran have good chemistry at all, but maybe they want some friction. Who knows?

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