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U.S. News Music Abroad: Video Clips


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Here's an overview of video clips (from YouTube and elsewhere) with American news music as heard on TV stations around the world. I cases where many affiliated stations use the same theme (namely in the case of Australia), I've just included some examples.


(Thanks to hinto, abc7miami, and newscentre_australia for finding some of them.)


The Great News Package (Gari) on Sky News, United Kingdom, 1989:



Move Closer to Your World (Mayoham) on ATV-10, Melbourne, Australia, early 1980s:



Move Closer to Your World (Mayoham) on TEN-10, Sydney, Australia, early 1980s:



News Line (Gari) on RTL, Germany, 1994:



Power News (Non-Stop) on RTL, Germany, 2002:



Updated Power News (Non-Stop) on RTL, Germany, 2006:



The Mission (John Williams) on ATN-7, Sydney, Australia, 1989:


The Mission (John Williams) on ATN-7, Sydney, Australia, 1997:



The Mission (John Williams) -- updated, on ATN-7, Sydney, Australia, 2006:


Cool Hand Luke (Schifrin) on QTQ-9, Brisbane, Australia, 1990:



Cool Hand Luke (Schifrin) on Vic TV, Victoria, Australia, 1994:



Cool Hand Luke (Schifrin) -- different updated versions as heard on various Nine Network stations across Australia, 2006:



Where It All Happens (Gari) on CICT, Calgary, Canada, 1993:



Please add your YouTube

finds here!

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China's state broadcaster CCTV produces a weekly world news magazine called "World Weekly", and uses cuts from several different Gari news themes on the show (bumper: B Package; open: Advantage; close: NewsChannel). Here's the full show from November 2006, right after the US midterm elections.



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That's not a cut of Eyewitness News. The notes aren't right...the last note of the sig goes way too high. but it IS from Gari...the instrumentation is quite Gari-esque.


Oh, thanks for clarifying this. I posted an audio clip of this theme on a discussion board several years ago, and the consensus seemed to be that it was a cut from Eyewitness News -- or at least a modified version thereof.


Now I'm even more curious about this theme. It was definitely composed by Gari; we also know it was used by MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center) in the late 1990s.

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News Series 2000 Plus Stuff!

On Cable News Night in Hong Kong,

and one from Hong Kong Cable News:












Kinda cool!

I don't want to imagine what Peter Dunn and Don Corsini would make to all of those crappy presentations. About 10,000 graphic changes on Dunn's side and sexing it up with sex news on Corsini's side. Add Nancy Bauer Gonzales on that equation and you'll have a bomb in Asia.

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Here's one European TV station that does use Gari's Eyewitness News -- Poland's TV Puls:



BTW, some cuts of POP TV's mystery theme sound very similar, so it may be a custom theme based on EWN.


It would help if I understood what was being said, but that was the LONGEST promo ever. Also, I think that's NG2, has that even debuted in the US yet?

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