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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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Some additional spots


1993 WTKR Promo (Project CO -- distributing carbon monoxide detectors):



1993 WTKR Tease (Eyewitness News):



1993 NCAA Basketball on CBS Promo (Doubleheader; very pleasantly surprised to find this):



1993 CBS Promo (60 Minutes):



1993 CBS Promo (Grammy Awards):


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WLS News Open/Close 12/3/92, 20 years ago today (12/3). This is to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of News Series 2000 Plus on Channel 7.


Videos courtesy of ctmajka from YT posted a few years ago. EDIT: 12/3/92 is not the actual date of which the theme began, since it debuted weeks prior to this airing. But this is one of the earliest videos with the theme.

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From 1981, it's WTVM's Action 9 News — the oldest Columbus GA news open we have! What is the theme?




From the same year, WBAY's Action News at 6. I believe this might be a CBS News/affiliate theme. I've heard the opening sound effect before, on a CBS News/WBTV combo promo. This is the oldest Green Bay market open we have.



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From 1992, news opens throughout Michigan. Highlights:


-A WLNS open with the WTVO 1992 News Theme!

-Another WILX open from their basic graphics open (the morning open is in the NewsActive3 collection amidst a bunch of Fresno materials)

-A "Get the Facts" WJBK open

-A Sports Update open from WXYZ. KYW used this as production music in 1987 for lottery numbers, not sure of theme though

-A WKBD open



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Stumbled across a series of videos in which the first part includes several clips from WAVY in late 1986 and early 1987 covering Bruce Hornsby (a Williamsburg native) as he went on to win the Best New Artist Grammy for 1986 (part of a playlist; some of which are listed as private).


Part 1:

Part 2:

(includes Grammy footage)

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Orange County NewsChannel, 1990s. This same theme was used by UGA's student-produced "News Source 15" in 2001.




While looking for stuff I found something from "KOLD" that was actually from KOLO, a completely mislabeled clip, and something that said it was about Kansas but came from Kentucky, plus "WSPA" somehow becoming "WDPS" in "Spartensburg" (typo) and someone putting WLKY in the Cincinnati market.


Also, the "NBC Evening News" [sic] from January 1978 — notably, without any tobacco-related material. There's even a WNBC close in here: http://archive.org/details/tobacco_giw27a00

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WXIA "11 Alive Newsroom" excerpts - 6/21/1981 (http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/peabody/id:1981_81032_nwt_1)


WSB "6 O'Clock Newsroom" - 12/4/1967 (http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/peabody/id:1967_67041_nwt_1)


KOMU "The Six O'Clock Report" - 12/21/1973 (http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/peabody/id:1973_73011_nwt_1)


WLWD "TV-2 NewsHour" - 1975 (http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/peabody/id:1975_75059_nwt_1)


WTOP "The Big News" - 1970 (http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/peabody/id:1970_70006_nwt_1)

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