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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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KATU teasers 1996. Note the really cool Spirit update that KATU was using at this time. The package is more extensive than I knew it to be: http://www.youtu.be/rb9ZCF0cOLg


You've seen it before: KPDX's Millennium 3 open. Well, here it is again. 1998. I believe the designer is Rude Honey. http://www.youtu.be/9xK1K3oK7SM


A KGW update from 1983, with the original NewsCenter theme: http://www.youtu.be/mnXlPfAjOug


Some open collections compiled by a user. All are from the same late 1989 time frame into early 1990.


. Note the 6pm KTVU open, with the mysterious KDFW-WKBD-WGAL news theme. Other great stuff.

. What is the KING 5 news theme?

. The real good ones are the WSB Nightbeat open with a special cut of their 1989 news theme and what I believe is the original open to WGNX's 10pm news.


And dig this

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WJLA Newscope open, 1980s sometime: http://archive.org/details/tobacco_wiw27a00

KKTV's Midday: http://archive.org/details/tobacco_zdy27a00

*RUNS TWO HOURS* New Orleans news from 1985: http://archive.org/details/tobacco_ogq23e00 — Includes a WWL Elena Special Report open (and others including a 5pm cut I've never heard at about 29:00 and a morning open that might be another theme at 39:00), WVUE opens (both The Chase and 1985 theme, in that order; looks like they switched over summer of 1985), and WDSU opens (5pm at 46:50 or so, noon at 56:00).

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San Diego (and more!)


There's KUSI promos, etc. in this tennis tournament video. More tennis than news opens this time: http://archive.org/d...obacco_sgq23e00


KNSD c.1992. Some sort of town hall program called Third Thursday. Unusually for the Archive, commercials are included throughout! The package is Groove News; open about a minute in and bumpers at 13:00. http://archive.org/d...obacco_xwx27a00


KGTV's Inside San Diego (about 30 seconds in) from the TV by Design era: http://archive.org/d...obacco_xty27a00


More Virginia Slims: here's a Dallas montage: http://archive.org/d...obacco_nfq23e00 — includes the KDFW open to Sunday Sports Page (production music?) and some other stuff that has been seen.


Miami: http://archive.org/d...obacco_wfq23e00 — What is Instant Replay Teleclip? There's decent stuff here, but many partial opens.


More Miami, this time WSCV from 1992 (at 6pm and at 11pm). This is the same look that KTMD had that year 1991 5pm theme, but it's difficult to identify because the samples are so tightly trimmed. This theme was previously not known to be used by WSCV. http://archive.org/d...obacco_bxv27a00

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Here's some recent stuff; most of which was on previous channels (and mostly lesser quality).


1994 WTKR Promo (TV3 Weather Vision; note the early Playstation-like GFX):

1994 WTKR Tease (TV3 News; Tom Randles):

1994 WTKR Promo (The New Price is Right; short-lived syndicated variant):

1994 WTKR Promo (Home-a-Rama; "Charity House"):

1994 NFL on FOX Promo (Week 5 -- Cowboys/Redskins rivalry):

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Charleston-Huntington West Virginia various, 1985. The WSAZ theme is And You. The WCHS theme is called "People You Can Count On" and is a news and image package.* WOWK is using the Action News Theme.



*Known to have been used at

and WBRZ Baton Rouge. Image campaign samples exist from both (follow the links). There's also a
from KTNV that is used here to identify the theme. This WCHS 1987 station ID shows that they used the slogan into their ABC days.


Other new finds. Asterisks indicate unknown or new themes.


WETM, 1990*


(different from above copy; has CGI cars like the WILX open)

(Palmer; TVbD)

(Real News)
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Some more 1980s WAVY stuff


1988 WAVY Daily News Weekend Team Promo:

1989 WAVY Promo (Beach Music Awards; one of the first WAVY spots with Charlie Van Dyke):

1989 WAVY Promo (Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon; among the last spots I have before the current "10" arrived):

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DooWopKing2011 has uploaded some nice videos of his work as weather anchor on WTOC in Savannah, Georgia and WECA (now WTXL) in Tallahassee, Florida.



KnoxTVArchive has got some rare television news clips from Knoxville, Tennessee. The stations are WATE and WBIR.


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