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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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Rare find from 2007: WNBC Today in New York cut-ins during TODAY. 


September 28, 2007 (Darlene Rodriguez in the first, then Rob Morrison in the second, Trish Yodice doing traffic in the first, and Chris Cimino off-screen during Weather cut-ins and in the updates.)



October 6, 2007 (Michael Gargiulo, with offscreen weather from SallyAnn Mosley)


October 8, 2007 (Columbus Day, Darlene Rodriguez and Trish Yodice during the news cut-in and SallyAnn Mosley during the cut-in and the weather forecast, since Chris Cimino was on TODAY filling in for Al Roker.)


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He has hundreds of newscasts and some talk programs from Des Moines, and mostly national newscasts or CNN programs. Here's another example, WHO NewsCenter at Noon, from 8/17/1992

You'll also find a lot of national news clips and special reports from the Rodney King riots on that channel.

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A few new finds


KAPP 7/5/00 11pm (partial) - includes a story about a few youth skaters in Tri-Cities

CNN Headline News 5/2/88 off KAYU

KAPP 35 News at 5:30 (partial), November 1989 with Dana Cowley and Dave Ettl

KNDO NewsCenter 23, 12/29/89 (partial) Mary Leonard, Jim Lewis


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From Phoenix, a few KTVK promos from1993, including Heidi Foglesong's goodbye:



Just a short ID promo from 1988, but it's a rare clip with Jeannine Ford at KTVK. She would later become Kent Dana's co-anchor at KPNX, while Tom McNamara moved to Tucson and became an anchor at KVOA:



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On 8/24/2023 at 12:16 AM, SoFloTVClassics said:

Hurricane Andrew 31st anniversary.





Bryan Norcross is amazing in these clips. He was the link to the outside world for those who couldn't, or refused to, evacuate. Often he was the only link because other Miami FMs, AMs, and TV stations were knocked off the air. But WTVJ stayed on the air.

He's to hurricane coverage what James Spann is to tornado coverage. Professional, experienced, and qualified.


Soon I will be posting a 48 Hours broadcast from Hurricane Andrew with Dan Rather, but I need to find the tape in storage. Also need to find the 3-4 tapes I have with Price is Right on them now that Bob Barker is no longer with us. 😢

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Don't know if this was ever posted here. WDIV formerly WWJ, released a documentary on the history of the station. It was refreshingly trasparent and honest about the station's strengths and flaws. Graham stations look really good compared to Nexstar, Sinclair and Gray.


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