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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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4 hours ago, SoFloTVClassics said:

WTVJ News 4 1985



That WTVJ partial 1985 broadcast had a style of billing that I don't think I ever recall seeing from that former CBS station and now CBS O&O of Miami as WFOR (WTVJ being the NBC O&O there as NBC6)-- having the first name of each anchor to wipe on screen from the right in big letters, then having the full name zoom quickly down to the bottom under that anchor's likeness/video; the full title also got that treatment when all anchors were billed.


I also liked how the announcer branded the newscast-- "This is News 4: #1 in South Florida."

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WRNN 7 PM newscast from October 13, 1998 (partial):



WNBC NewsChannel 4 at 11 from October 24, 1996. Right before Michelle Marsh joined the station, and thus would've probably filled in for Sue here:



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WTSP news promo and commercial breaks from 12/31/88. That summer, the station debuted a new studio set and graphics, but kept the "Action News" moniker and theme music they'd been using since 1983. A few months after this, in April 1989, a computer espionage scandal rocked the market, resulting in the arrest of WTSP's news director and assistant news director, who had formerly been employed by WTVT and still had access to WTVT's computer network



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On 3/3/2023 at 6:11 PM, 8Viewer said:

In 1987, KFMB's Loren Nancarrow did a story about the Los Angeles TV news ratings war and the type of stories being aired:



Didn’t realize KCBS tried a hybrid KABC and WNBC knockoff set going back in time after the over contemporary ice block desk set. Looks like a design from the late 70s/early 80s but debuted in 87.

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Most of a WTVN-Ch.6 newscast from 1987 and part of "World News Tonight". What's interesting is at about 31:00, there is a spot discussing WTVN's pending sale from Taft Broadcasting to another owner. WTVN was spun off to Anchor Media, which was founded by several former executives of Gulf Broadcasting and WTSP.



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Several NEW clips here


KBCI 2 News at 10 (partial), 3/15/1998 - a reupload from the old channel

KYTV and KSPR news clips from March 1987, when Vice President Bush came to Mountain Grove, MO.

Lucinda Kay on KAPP/KVEW news, 1/10/1998

Renee McCullough does a weeknight broadcast of KAPP news on 1/8/1998

Classic KIRO from Oct. 1984 - Susan Hutchison, John Marler, Wayne Cody, and Harry Wappler on top of Broadcast House


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