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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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Hi y'all. It's been a long while since I've uploaded some stuff to YouTube. Hopefully I'll be completely out of the hiatus I was on but I don't wanna make any promises and such.

KCCN Central Coast News open (2/21/94)


KCRG TV-9 News Nightcast Open (4/10/99)


KCRG Severe Weather Cut-in (4/3/99)


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More re-uploads. Almost a year since I lost my channels, and still close to 2,000 videos left to re-upload.


KIRO NewsChannel 7 at 11 clip, 2/23/94, as Tonya Harding's hopes break apart in the figure skating competition. Steve Raible and Margaret Larson anchor. This wasn't long after they built a real news set following the ill-fated News Out of the Box experiment.

Start of KIMA News Weekend Edition 3/18/01, with David Mance


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WNYW 2007. Before the set hung around too long and became outdated, it was well used in it's early days. Fox 5 had strong graphical transitions, great theme music and nice ornate camera angles. Modern WNYW should take a page from this. Loved "the most powerful name in local news" branding. 

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A brand new batch of classic Yakima clips. I wish they were more complete. But in this age, finding any VK-250 tapes in the wild (like this one) is worth a scan in the VCR.


KIMA NewsBeat at 11, circa January 1982, unknown female anchor albeit the late T.J. Close is doing a report on Greyhound cuts at the start.

Also an unknown anchor, but here's three minutes of KNDO Newservice from October 1980!!

Finally, much newer, the first few minutes of a Sunday night KIMA newscast from 9/28/03 with Roxeanne Vainuku.


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