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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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I have four hours of KIMA Yakima taped on 9/11, but it's only Dan Rather (no local cut-ins). There were occasional crawls with closure info and phone numbers for the American Red Cross and various other organizations. Other than that, I have 8 hours of CNN taped that day, which is all archived on YouTube anyways. My recording begins about a minute before the first tower went down. Remember that this was Pacific time, and there weren't a lot of people rushing to find a tape at 5:50 in the morning when the first breaking news cut-ins went off.

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September 11 coverage from MIAMI.

(though video quality is between good and bad)


WSVN (FOX News/ 7 News)



WPLG (ABC News / this btw is during the transition from Eyewitness News to channel 10 news)



WBZL (WSFL) coverage from WPIX.



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WNDU (NBC) 16's top story about Quincy Newspapers switching the ABC affiliate WSJV 28 to the Fox network (now currently H&I), forcing ABC onto the then low-power station W58BT 58 (now WBND-LD 57). The story was filmed live at the Concorde Mall, a once-popular, now-defunct shopping mall in South Bend, Indiana, on October 18, 1995:


It may have given South Bend, Indiana a new Fox affiliate, although ABC expressed displeasure with it, because it was another excuse to air Chicago Bears NFL football games...




...in retaliation for Quincy Newspapers switching WSJV 28 to the Fox network from ABC in South Bend, Indiana, another ABC affiliate, WREX-TV 13 in Rockford, Illinois, had been forced to switch to NBC, forcing the ABC affiliation onto WTVO 17:


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KIMA NewsBeat and KNDO News 23 clips from November 1991, includes Jim Lewis on KNDO and Heidi Adami on KIMA (and the clips range between B&W and color)

WOIO CBS 19 News at 11 open, 10/19/97 - Cleveland Indians won game 2 of the World Series vs. the Marlins that night, but would lose in 7 on a Marlins extra-inning walkoff.

Elvis Mitchell is the guest host on this 40 minute aircheck of CBS News Nightwatch from August 15th, 1991 (off KREM 2 Spokane).


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7 hours ago, TexasTVNews said:


In the memory and in tribute to former WGN News anchor Allison Payne. RIP Allison and Godspeed. You'll always and forever be part of Chicago's Very Own.


I'm not from Chicago but I watched Allison Payne on Superstation WGN

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On 12/29/2016 at 4:29 AM, KnoxvilleTVFan said:

But wait, here is a KPRC newscast close from 1983 which also includes a station sign-off from that period.

Bumping an old reply, but it looks like the link to this is no longer available. I would have loved to see how KPRC signed off in 1983.

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Okay finally rounding out the last September 11 coverage clips. 


(Tulsa, OK)

KOTV/ CBS news






WTVR Richmond, VA


WBOY Clarksburg, WV



WNYT Albany, NY. only part 1 of this clip 



KFSM Ft. Smith, Fayetteville AR


KMTR, Eugene, OR


WKBW, Buffalo, NY




Coverage From Tallahassee, Florida.


Canadian and the Twin-cities (Minneapolis-St.paul) coverage. Only part 1 of this clip.




😥 Whew!

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16 minutes ago, Route66Fan said:

A 1990 news report about the hobby of TV DX'ing from WSMV-TV in Nashville, TN. Featuring a rare mid 1980's ID from KCWS-TV, Ch. 3 in Glenwood Springs, CO.



We also get to see then-independent KWGN Denver from the late 70s, including a brief close to Region 2 News (now CW affiliate and Channel 2 news)

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All kinds of goodies from WJKS-TV/WJWB 17, Jacksonville, Florida:


The station started out as an ABC affiliate in the 1960s,  became an NBC affiliate for a short time in the 1980s before returning back to ABC.

In 1997, WJKS-TV 17 became The WB affiliate WJWB 17. In 2006, the station is now WCWJ 17, an affiliate of The CW.


















1995 (Monday Night Fan Ball):




1996 (finale newscast before the switch to The WB):


1996 (finale newscast before the switch to The WB):


WJKS-TV 17 Face Off: WJKS-TV 17's ABC Affiliation Loss (1996):


The 50th Anniversary of WJKS-TV/WJWB/WCWJ 17 (1966-2016):


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A WNYT newscast from sometime in March, 2003. Features John Gray (filling in for Ed Dague) and Lydia Kulbida as anchors. Howie Altschule is the weatherman, and there’s also a “Skiing Weatherman” report from Herb Stevens at Stowe, VT. Unfortunately, the tape ends before we get to Lars Lifrak’s sports report.



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WCCO May 1998


Here's an out of left field music package. For a about year or so in the late 90s WCCO used Gari's Newschannel, with the original early 80s cut for the open and close.


I remember emailing the news director at the time saying it was cool - I don't think he knew it was a retro thing, just that it was 'a Gari package.'




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