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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

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The Chris Sloan archive gravy train keeps giving. There's even some rare KHJ from 1988! The 9:00 VO at the time would later do a lot of ABC Sports work in the late 80s and 90s. The 1:00 one was a

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Uploaded last year, stuff with Collier Concept's "The Team to Watch" campaign.

Someone uploaded TEN-10's version of the promo in April:

Final minutes of TEN-10's Eyewitness News with Dal Myles in 1985 (with a close), uploaded in October:


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21 hours ago, WWUpdate said:

Here is the Sky News (UK) version of the promo above:



And of course, an HQ version of the second version, commemorating their first anniversary:



Speaking of which, TVQ-0 (now 10) Brisbane had their own adaptation, which didn't use the Collier Concepts graphics (at least, as far as we know):



Here's another promo from them, plus a late night newscast, June 7, 1983:


Here's a couple of 1986 TEN-10 bulletins with "The One to Watch" (first one from Frankster's archives, reuploaded to YouTube - wonder what happened to him?):


And from the same year, a promo with "Turn to News" using Collier Concepts material:


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On 4/8/2021 at 1:14 PM, hmaxhanson said:

Two newly unearthed classic Abliene opens on YT (with hopefully more to come!)

KTXS from 1988 using a Tron-esque graphic and the "Spirit of Oklahoma" theme: 


interesting, as KRBC (also in the Abilene market) used the theme in the mid 90s...



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Recent re-uploads from the YouTube purge.


KIMA News Weekend Edition, taped February 2nd, 2003 with Michelle Perreault, Mike McCabe WX and Kyle Draper's sports. Mike McCabe is still working at KEPR/KIMA as the chief meteorologist...



KIMA News at 5 from a couple weeks later, February 19th, 2003. Sten Walstrom, Roxeanne Vainuku and Stu Seibel WX. Loved this old set of the Yakima Valley. Looked pretty good for market #114. Too bad it's cheapened down to the logo on TVs behind Jake Taylor nowadays...


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1 hour ago, Yankees4life said:

We got 5 WXXA opens in the same year (2001)

(skip to 15:07 & 34:50)

(skip to 36:17)

(skip to 17:35 & 34:31)



All with Karen Meyers, now of WMUR's New Hampshire Chronicle (with stints at WTTG, WLNE, and NECN in-between).

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 More early 90s stuff:


KFMB (San Diego) July 10, 1991 6:30pm


KGTV (San Diego) July 11, 1991 6:30pm


WDSU (New Orleans) April 3, 1992 10:00pm


WALA (Mobile) April 4, 1992 6:00pm

KOLN/KGIN (Lincoln) April 27, 1993 10:00pm



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