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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

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1 hour ago, Info Junkie said:

We talking in the vein of “FITZ! SANCHEZ!”


I see your "FITZ! SANCHEZ!", and raise you a "FITZ! SANCHEZ! DANIELS! LOVETT!":


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The Chris Sloan archive gravy train keeps giving. There's even some rare KHJ from 1988! The 9:00 VO at the time would later do a lot of ABC Sports work in the late 80s and 90s. The 1:00 one was a

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On 2/27/2021 at 1:01 PM, SoFloTVClassics said:

WTVJ Channel 4 News 6pm 1991


That WTVJ evening edition had Jose Diaz-Balart long before where he is today as weekend anchor on NBC Nightly News.

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On 3/2/2021 at 12:49 PM, T.L. Hughes said:


This newscast has a different video headshot of Steve Alvarez (at 0:44) than the version I've seen elsewhere on YT. Compare the Summer/Fall(?) '91 version to the one of him seen (at 0:52) in this newscast from May '92, with him giving a friendlier smile:

I'm guessing viewer reaction to the first version of his talent open headshot might not have been favorable, prompting it to be reshot; the way Alvarez grins in the '91 version looks inadvertently like how you'd think a serial killer or Bond villain would smile. 😬


I never knew that the sports man on WPLG Eyewitness News then (Alvarez) would present himself in his billing in such a manner that the viewers didn't care for (seemingly scary face) in 1991, leading to being billed with a friendlier face in 1992.


BTW, the word "billing" as used in this response is (and I realize the official term is "talent open") my use of that word to describe how the anchors are introduced to us, whether at the top like this one is, or somewhere in the middle.

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Couple of KING-TV teasers from December 8, 1986



Additionally, I ran across a VERY early CNN uploads, including a snippet of their coverage of the 1980 Republican National Convention (pretty impressive for a channel just over a month old at that point)


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Vintage sales film for KCOP touring their facility @ 915 N. La Brea in the early 1960s.  Hosted by former anchor and 'General Hospital' alum Peter Hansen.



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RIP Clayton Vaughn... and Godspeed. Say hello to Jim Giles and Bill Teegens from all of us.


And speaking of Bill Teegins, it was 20 years ago this past January that Bill and 9 members of the OSU basketball program had perished.


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KMBC in its later days as a Metromedia station:

KTIV from July 19, 1989:

And WITI from 1988:


Some WLYH clips from its waning years, by this point, they were only airing a 6pm newscast (the 11pm one was replaced in 1992 with syndicated programming): 


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As has been the case for most of the last few years, I've done a mega-batch of uploads as sort of a birthday tradition. Here are some news-related examples from this batch.


A short WUSA ID from November 29, 1994 featuring Maureen Bunyan 


16 minutes worth of a March 1995 WAVY News 10 morning newscast (also shortly after WAVY began using Newswire)


November 3, 1992 Election Night coverage recorded from Southern California (the ABC recording of the Bush and Quayle concession speeches is from KEYT in Santa Barbara and the NBC footage of the Clinton-Gore victory speeches is from KNBC in L.A.)


March 21, 1991 WDSU partial NewsCenter 6 at 10


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Some extremely rare content from KXLN, courtesy of Gabriela Hill - who was the original weather anchor when their newscasts began in 1990. She later was a reporter for the station and, not long after (like a number of the station's former anchors and reporters) moved up to the network level - spefically the sports division.


Weather reel - 1990 or 91.


Reporting Reel - 1990


Reporting Reel - 1991 (based on several of the stories)


A five part series on Houston doctors traveling to Nicaragua (the date says 1994, but based on the set/graphics, I was thinking 1992-93...)


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On 4/29/2018 at 3:47 AM, Samantha said:

No music but some rare WPBN-WTOM material from 1993:




Plus this volume of commercials starts with an Ed Hopkins-voiced Jeep/Eagle ad:




It appears they used the News Leader production track from FirstCom:




From later in the 90s, more WPBN, including footage of their equally rare Television by Design graphics and march-like music theme:



I thought the graphics were pretty cool for the mid-90s. Do you know what the music package was from '91?

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Speaking of Newscasts...



A cable newscast grouping...

TXCN (2001), NY1 (2003), News 12 Long Island (1998), TV2 Allentown (2003), and...

Before Spectrum News Rochester, before Time Warner Cable News Rochester, before Your News Now (YNN) Rochester, before RNews, and even before GRC9News, it's the original...


WGRC News 5 Rochester The 10 O'Clock Report 



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Beginning of a WVEC weekend 6pm newscast from June 1988, the lead story being the implosion of the First American Bank building in Downtown Norfolk



Weather forecasts from legendary Tidewater forecasters Andy Roberts (WTKR) and Joe Foulkes (WVEC) from 1986 and 1988, respectively



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2 hours ago, Newsjunkie24 said:

I'm seeing more and more people upload rare stuff to Archive.


What amount money are these companies losing over newscasts that aired once? Even worse since Sloan said the one strike was over a commercial. 


I'm sure he could reupload all his videos to the Internet Archive as I'm sure he' still has everything he's ever uploaded.


I'm not sure if NewsActive3 is on other video sites. Maybe he should start looking elsewhere.  

Already started:


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2 hours ago, jerseyfla said:

Well that's just bleeping great! I wondered why I had so many deleted videos on my favorites outside of Sloan's videos. I favorited many of his videos especially for KNBC coverage of the Dodgers 1988 World Series run and I think this guy also had the first hour of coverage of the 1989 World Series Loma Prieta Earthquake uninterrupted as it happened with the network quickly filling time with a Roseanne rerun from ABC as he said he was auto recording that WS game when he was at a college class. This is a damn shame! I need to save more videos!


Edit: Yep that was him. Arghh!!!

You just never know if you're video will be safe from copyright claims. You could be safe for awhile but then a big company like NBCU will want to flex their copyright muscles.....


Here's a full WBNG newscast from 5/28/1987, as we've learned this week, you should enjoy it while you can..... 


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