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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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Thanks to Mr. Sloan we have more OKC TV stuff uncovered.


First we go to the Station "Where the News Comes First.. 24 Hours a Day.", that's KFOR in 1992. This one is one of the 2 interesting transitional periods that took place at 444 East Britton Road throughout the 1990s and this was one of them. In this instance they have dropped "News Team 4" for "News Channel 4" but kept the same theme song they've used (at that time) since the 1990 callsign change. And yes that is Bob Bruce before he left for what is now known KSAZ in 1992.


Next up, KOCO and KWTV (and yes this was during Jon Slater's first stint here in OKC prior to going up the Turner to Tulsa): 



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1 hour ago, Superdude said:

KDKA-TV Eyewitness News Update. Dec. 18, 1983


This one's a great find!


That theme music was also used on WROC NewsEight during the final two years as an NBC affiliate. The music changed when WROC became a CBS affiliate. Also I didn't know Sam Brown did KDKA Pittsburgh. Brown anchored the news in Knoxville, Tennessee at WATE ABC6

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3 hours ago, Samantha said:

Finally, more Renaissance 2-era KDKA, and this time an actual newscast!

Transitioning to KD and You first generation, and also including long-time KD floor manager Victor Vrabel cuing you the viewer...

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Found this gem, that I had been looking for YEARS, in Mike Parson's YouTube Channel. This rare cut of KNBC's LA Groove Theme used for closing the Channel 4 News weekend.



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