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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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19 hours ago, Samantha said:


What is this theme doing on a low-budget capitol news roundup from 1996???


...I just posted something about KTRE 1993 on another thread yesterday. That's crazy.


I first thought this next clip was related to the aforementioned package, but upon a listen, it's actually tied the theme WAFF was using immediately prior. Did you know that Tuesday's KSL 1989 package had an image song? Sadly, this copy is not complete.



KSL didn't use the slogan "People Who Care", but I am seriously wondering whether they were the original client for the package at all. There is video on YT of KSL using it in November 1988...but I can find several clips of WAFF using it in 1987Early 1987, at that. (In fact, I'm actually wondering if it, and the "squares" look, could have debuted on WAFF together on New Year's Day 1987. I know there's a 1986 Year in Review video that still uses "We're Your Kind of People", and if hsvnewsarchives' clip dating is correct, the new graphics were on in January '87 - can't tell if the music in that clip is from KSL 1989 - and the music was definitely in place by February.)

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On 11/30/2020 at 9:17 PM, SoFloTVClassics said:

KHSL and KCPM newscasts from the early 90s




WLOV 1991 News promo




Looking at that KCPM clip enjoy how 2nd / 3rd place small market news back then was often a time capsule 5 - 7  years behind in presentation



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20 hours ago, Info Junkie said:

You like ONE FULL HOUR (and a bit over) of NewsActive3?


I talked with Scott and he said these Retrospectives are in commeration of NewsActive3 hitting 2000 uploads. He's got two more retrospective vids to come before resuming newscast uploads.


A full WHDH newscast from 1990 with the John Tesh theme:


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When CNBC's predecessor, the Financial News Network, went bankrupt in 1991, CNBC acquired its former rival. Here's how FNN covered that and other Wall Street developments on April 3, 1991, just over a month before the network signed off for good on May 21, 1991:



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1989 newsbrief from WCBD Channel 2 (then the ABC station of Charleston, SC; now NBC; WCIV is ABC there now), when that station was of the TV-2 Action News title; this also includes a promo for Action Line consumer coverage, and a WCBD ID, and the last few seconds are of the 20/20 opening as it was in 1989 (which apparently had mirrors coming together in a way to reveal the 20/20 title; is that correct?).



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