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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

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On 8/9/2019 at 9:52 PM, tw-804 said:



A full WYOU 11pm newscast from May 29th, 1998. This was the last newscast from Scranton before they moved to WBRE's studios in Wilkes-Barre.


Those L3 graphics were straight out of the 80s! And mid 80s at that.

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The Chris Sloan archive gravy train keeps giving. There's even some rare KHJ from 1988! The 9:00 VO at the time would later do a lot of ABC Sports work in the late 80s and 90s. The 1:00 one was a

Thanks to Mr. Sloan, Christmas came early for me in terms of late 80s Houston content...   Some observations follow as well.   A weekend newscast & a midday newscast from KHOU

You are in for a special treat, because YouTube user 'VPR2B' has uploaded the KTXL NewsPlus music package from 1981.    

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To Long Island, NY: A promo for WLIG's (now WLNY) then-new newscast from 1985. The theme is a DeWolfe Music production track called "Newsweek" (the NMSA listed it as the "WLIG 1986 News Theme") . How did I know this, you ask? I was bored and I was just listening to some tracks from DeWolfe's site. WWBT here in Richmond, VA also used it in the early 1980s for their newscasts.





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From June 5, 1994, WWL and then-ABC station WVUE's 10 PM newscasts:




Continuing with that vintage New Orleans flavor, here's a partial WDSU Newscenter 6 at 10 PM from August 5, 1985 (courtesy jacky9br):



Another partial newscast, this one a 6 PM WWL Eyewitness News edition from January 13, 1984 (again from jacky9br):


From an overnight rebroadcast, a full edition of WDSU's 10 PM news from November 7, 1994:


A pre-Katrina WWL newscast from April 22, 2005:


WWL's Eyewitness News Nightwatch from Super Bowl 26 eve, 1992:



And a WWL 10 PM newscast from April 4, 2002:



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WAWS (now WFOX) report on the CBS affiliation switch from WJXT to WTEV (now WJAX) in 2002. At the time Ch. 47 was UPN (that affiliation moved to ch. 30 after the switch, with primetime airing at 11pm after the news)

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