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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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Thank you, forgot about that. (More "USA" clips than "Turn To". :p)


Yeah, someone out there has gotta have WVEC's "Turn to/Stand Up" image song that went with "The Spirit of Hampton Roads" from the 80s... I'd like to see it.


Here are a couple more...


WVEC Spirit of Hampton Roads Image Song (Rock/Country Version) by 615 mid-90s:


WVEC 13 News Halftime Headlines (newsbrief) 1994:

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Guest abc7miami

WDIV 1990 News Preview:



WDIV 1990 News Opening:



NBC's TODAY show, Jan. 1, 1990 - Reviewing the 1980s - Pt.1:



NBC's TODAY show, Jan. 1, 1990 - Reviewing the 1980s - Pt.2:



KXAS Channel 5 News 1995:


(KLTV) ABC 1985 "You'll Love It" Local Campaign:


KTRK ABC13 Elements 1984:



KPRC 1997 compilation:


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Guest abc7miami

WABC-TV Eyewitness News 11:00pm Open - 1983 - New York:



WABC-TV Channel 7 Editorial Open & Close - 1983 - New York:



WABC-TV Channel 7 Around Town - 1983 - New York:



WABC-TV Channel 7 We're Hot Long Promo - 1983 - New York:



WABC-TV Spring Cinema 7 Open - 1983 - New York:



WNEW-TV The 10 O'Clock News Promo & Slide - 1984 - New York:



WPIX-TV Next Graphics - September, 1982 - New York:



WPIX-TV Next Graphics - May, 1983 - New York:



CBS TV We're Coming On 2:00 Promo:



Cleveland TV News Report on the Summer Heat - 1977:



WKYC-TV3, Cleveland - sign-off mid-1976:


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