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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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It's all motion controlled cameras and backlit artwork. To quote a gentleman who worked at Robert Abel & Associates (who produced those graphics



"Artwork was set up on a gimballed backlit fluorescent light box, and the camera was on a motorized dolly on a track. The effects were built up in camera with multiple frame-by-frame exposures. Everything was driven by stepper motors and Abel's own custom motion control systems."

Absolutely one of my favorite techniques, and one that's far, far more difficult to reproduce accurately on a computer, despite the "simplicity" compared to the later Paintbox-driven eras.

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It's only the last few seconds, but we finally have an idea of what the lost Reaching Out To You image campaign sounded like:


That “13” really creeps me out.

The same channel has a WREG commercial break from 1985 with a groovy-looking “NEWS 3” bumper at 13:28.

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Santo Biasatti anchoring an update for Canal 13's late news, back in 2003:

The thing that caught my eye the most was the animated glass background: it looks very futuristic.


And here's the music theme, that was used for about a year.

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World Tonight with Clive Robertson 1992 - from my tapes. I recorded this as a kid in Sydney. It is classic Clive - famously grumpy and crotchety, with a very, very dry sense of humor, he is even better here than the caricature spoof of him on a sketch comedy show - and yes, he talks about auditioning at another TV station! I also found the themes quite enlightened and classy pieces - worth listening to the long close.




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Ah. Before moving to big leagues at NBC, making history in the process until her tragic death in 1983.


She wouldn't be the only one seen in this newscast to pick up a network gig soon afterwards, as Charles Bierbauer would soon move to the big leagues at ABC and eventually CNN.

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“Live, Local, Latebreaking. 12 News is Everywhere!”

(WISN maybe 1996)

Saw this a weeks ago and forgot to post. I think it's maybe around 1998, as Mark Baden didn't join 12 until 1997

On a Milwaukee-related note, I am starting to believe that WTMJ didn't switch to Impact until they updated the graphics package "with the ring L3" logo in 1996, as seen here:

Unless they switched in December

as the KING 1992 theme and first gen jcBD look were still active in November (which the former I believe I also am starting to believe Wow and Flutter composed it, and the 1999 theme KING had.)

I am actually in a Broadcast Animation class at MATC, which is teached by the head Graphics Supervisor for many years at TMJ, His demo and channel features some of his work at TMJ here:

(1988 special)

A bit anxious to ask him about it, even though I had thoughts in my mind about it. I told him a little about my TV News hobby through in my class.

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