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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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Here's the KPIX link.




Clip is from about May 1988...shortly after the set/open were introduced. I think a bit later they introduced some better choreographed bay area visuals. Vaguely remember the altamont windmills and some ferry shots.

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Some more vintage KPIX from the passing of anchor Doug Murphy. If you fast forward to about 3:45 in the first clips you'll start to see some memories of Doug Murphy with some opens, views of the sets, graphics, etc.

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WHEC Newsbrief 1986, Audio Off Sync:



WOKR (WHAM) 11 PM Open 1992:



Two KTRK Promos From the 80's, One Is The Marvin Zindler "Lone Ranger" Promo:


Four WPVI Promos From The 80's:


WPVI Action News Opening and Closings 1981, AUDIO ONLY:



WCAU Clips From 96-98, and a 1995 WPVI Close from Philly TV:



Two KXAS Promos From The Late 70's:


KIRO, WTOL, and WFSB's "We've Got The Touch Promos" 1985:


WMAQ News Briefs From May 19, 1991 Both w/ Art Norman:


WLS 4 PM Open 1994:


WWL Report From 1987 Reported By Former WXYZ Anchor Frank Turner, Features Angela Hill and Garland Robinette:



Plenty of News Clips of WAVE, WHAS, and WLKY From the 90's, From indylre:



WXYZ and WDIV 90's Clips from Davros:


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WPXI-TV Pittsburgh, PA Chopper 11 1996 Commercial


WPXI-TV 1997 On Location Commercial Pittsburgh, PA


WPXI-TV Pittsburgh, PA 1997 Commercial


WPXI-TV Pittsburgh, PA 1997 Severe Weather Center


Some other stuff from markdespo, including the last Good Day Live, and Lynn Cullen stuff with her on PCNC in 1998...


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KCBS 1991Action News Generic Open

KCBS 1991 Action News Close

WMAR Baseball-Donahue-Generic Promos 1984

WBAL On Your Side Promos-Movie Open 1984

WPIX WB 11 News 10PM Open

KRON News Center 4 11pm Close 1999

KRON News Center 4 11pm Open 1999

Nov 6 1984 Vote 84 Chicago (WLS)

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1984 WGN Nine O'Clock News:



This one is back online, here


Pre-Oprah AM Chicago from 8/28/1981 hosted by Robb Weller. Also features the last four minutes of "Good Morning America," some commercials and an Eyewitness News bumper with a very young Mary Ann Childers.

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Houston Videos Courtesy of HoustonArchive:



WEWS "Give Me Five!" Promo 1995:


Coverage of the New Orleans Fairgrounds Fire December 1993, one WDSU clip, others from WWL, courtesy of GentillyTerrace70122:






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WFAA and KDFW from 1995, along with NBC and ABC News clips from elpablo69:



More videos from HoustonArchive, most recent videos are KRIV from 1983, and KPRC from 1985:



WCBS 1994:

News Promo w/ Dana Tyler:

News Teaser w/John Roberts:

11 PM Open:


WCBS 1996 Close Which Features John Johnson, Michele Marsh, and Bernie Smilovitz!


WABC Intro March 1999:


WNBC Update 1987:


KWQC Open and Weather Coverage, Probably From 1997:



WTKR September 1998

Promo Montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzH9ipxYZRw

Noon News Montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B61PEHTYo3c&feature=related

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Some WCBS videos,

WCBS 11pm news close 9/21/1996 "2 NEWS"

WCBS 11pm news open 1994

WCBS News 2 Bumps 1999

Some WCBS videos from the 1960's ! About the Newark 1967 Roit You can see a young Ralph Penza and JIM JENSON







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