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Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)


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WTCN (now KARE; Minneapolis- St. Paul): NewsCenter 11 Weekend Report (Jan. 16, 1983; ID & open starts at 1:23)




WWBT (Richmond, VA): 12 News at 6 from August 7, 1993. The top story was the aftermath of the tornado that hit Colonial Heights and the Old Towne area of Petersburg (my hometown).


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WVEC from 1988... including an 11pm open I've never seen before! I think this open was used from 1988-1990



Just saw it and was about to post that video as well (the cut of Turn to News used here sounds like the "standard" version instead of what WVEC used before and after this period).

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It certainly seems like it...complete with a cut of the We've Got The Touch package I certainly wouldn't have expected to hear in a news context.


Speaking of WWNY, this little ditty of a theme ducked under the radar...




These graphics were also used with

two years earlier...and it's pretty obvious here that they were designed around that theme.
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The irony is that clips that say they're in 50/60 FPS and are actually in 50/60 FPS are incredibly rare. That Zeit im Bild montage is a good example - most, if not all of the actual videos are in 30 FPS...


True, maybe only a couple of videos reaped the benefits.



Speaking of Flint, where is this WNEM 1986 close from? (They went and trimmed out the open, of course.) Sounds like the VTS "Looking Out For You" pack to me.



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In 50fps, no less! Now that's the way you upload old video.


And WWOR in 1988 with its noon news. You've seen the matching 10pm open before:



Never saw that before. It also make you wonder when exactly in 1988 they decided to ditch that set and decamp to the newsroom until the UPN era (I've heard it's because they needed studio space for things like Steampipe Alley).

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