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Video Thread (2008-present)

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WLS throwback promo from yesterday with Gari Cool Hand Luke       

WUAB TV turned 50 this year so what do you to celebrate? Bring back the original 10 Clock news to anchor the news. Minus the late Gib Shanley. Enjoy the retro open rewind.

This happened ten years ago tonight. That's when WPVI placed a circle around the now 53-year old "6" insignia. Vid courtesy of "ekt8750" from YT.

A few current promos from here...


WAVY 50 Years promos:

30 sec

10 sec


They also have another new version they're playing, I'll try to get that up.


WTKR CBS new season promo:


WVEC played this cool promo with David Alan talking about 13 News, but I saw it once and haven't seen it again since... it was pretty good. If I see that again I'll try to get it up, there are probably versions with the other anchors talking.

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WVIT NBC30 News @ 5am Open - July 2007



WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News @ 6:30pm Open (Sunday) - July 2007



WTNH News Channel 8 @ 6pm Open - June 2007



WPRI 12 5pm Open - July 2007



WJAR NBC 10 News @ 5:30pm Open - July 2007



WCVB Newscenter 5 Eyeopener Open - July 2007


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Jerseyman4 has several more Charlotte videos, from WAXN, WCCB, WJZY, and the other stations in Charlotte.




Funny, small-market local morning news from WVVA in Bluefield, West Virginia, blooper involved!


WVVA video was available, but that video has been zapped by the TV station.

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