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Video Thread (2008-present)

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WLS throwback promo from yesterday with Gari Cool Hand Luke       

WUAB TV turned 50 this year so what do you to celebrate? Bring back the original 10 Clock news to anchor the news. Minus the late Gib Shanley. Enjoy the retro open rewind.

This happened ten years ago tonight. That's when WPVI placed a circle around the now 53-year old "6" insignia. Vid courtesy of "ekt8750" from YT.

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So I went back on my old idea of having separate channels for out of town newscasts that I had recorded and started to combine them back into my Houston TV History channel. That said the KORO, KAJA and KDCU clips will move eventually.

I've been going back through my old hard drives from the past decade and am uploading some of the smaller-market stuff I have. Some I never uploaded, while others are re-upped from my old Houstontvnews channel.


So, let's go back a bit. I'll list by market / date. There are promos uploaded, but these are just the newscasts for the sake of some brevity.


June 2019  - Abilene, TX






January 2019 - Waco/Bryan-College Station, TX






November 2015 - Topeka, KS / Kansas City, MO





Joplin, MO / Pittsburg, KS  - October 2015







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Here's the WBFF Fox 45 Late Edition from Thanksgiving Day 2010:



I don't think I'm going to be posting the 10:00 PM news since most of it is The Simpsons Movie (the movie got delayed because of Football).

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Here's the Fox 45 News at 5:30 and Fox 45 News at 10:00 from March 22, 2010.



One final note: The Fox 45 Early Edition and Morning News from that day are missing. Why? Because somebody must have accidentally switched the cable box over to Disney Channel until it got switched back to WBFF some time later. I actually don't what show it got switched over to, since I don't know WBFF's schedule for that day. And oh yeah, good luck finding it, since it's not available for viewing and you can't even find it on a Google search. So yeah, that was a long story. (I didn't post those 3 videos because they have full episodes and I don't want to break the rules.)


EDIT: I found a clip of Fox 45 Morning News on the same day after some searching. Here it is.



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