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KSD - TV newscasts from February 1947


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My name's Sean Ross ( aka ksdk47 ) . I'm 16 years old, and I've got autism, so it's hard for me to understand things. I'm looking for every single TV newscast of KSD - TV ( now KSDK ) Channel 5 St. Louis, MO from February 8, 1947 ( when it signed on the air ) through

February 28, 1947. If you have every single TV newscast of

KSD - TV Channel 5 from February 8, 1947 through

February 28, 1947, will you please post these TV newscasts on my e - mail address so I can watch them on Yahoo! Mail? my e - mail address is gameshow100000@yahoo.com


Thank you!

Sean Ross

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Dear Sir or Madam,


I tried to contact you at the email address provided, however said email address is invalid. Perhaps there are one too many zeros? Please advise.



Ethel from Bethel

(Park! Formerly Wexford.)

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