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WJLA Kathleen Matthews Signs Off


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After over 25 years at WJLA Washington Kathleen Matthews has decided to start a new career. Kathleen anchored the 5pm newscast along side Leon Harris, Doug Hill, and Tim Brant. The news veteran has decided to leave WJLA for a public relations job at Marriott. Kathleen is married to Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball. Kathleen's said see you later to views of the 5pm newscast on Wednesday, she will still be a contributor to WJLA. DCRTV reports that her replacement could possibly be "rising star" Alison Starling, my personal favorite choice. However WJLA says that potential replacements are still being interviewed. Kathleen will be missed. The highlights of her last broadcast can be seen by clicking the link below. Enjoy!


Highlights include Charles Gibson, Laura Bush and OPRAH!?!?



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