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D.C. Ratings Revealed


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The November Sweeps ratings have been revealed by the Washington Post, and WRC pulls through as the ratings leader.



WRC 4: 89,000

WUSA 9: 52,000

WJLA 7: 49,000

WTTG 5: 46,000



WUSA 9: 104,000

WJLA 7: 36,000

WTTG 5: 31,000



WRC 4: 158,000

WJLA 7: 99,000

WTTG 5: 87,000

WUSA 9: 57,000



WRC 4: 230,000

WJLA 7: 107,000

WUSA 9: 79,000



WRC 4: 178,000

WTTG 5 (10 p.m.): 160,000

WUSA 9: 125,000

WTTG 5 (11 p.m.): 80,000

WJLA 7: 79,000


WDCW has been making gains as a CW station. Its prime-time ratings increased by fifteen percent from last year to an average of 65,000 viewers. Inversely, as a MyTV O&O, WDCA's ratings have been in the TOILET, down over 50% from the same time last year to 36,000 from 78,000.


EDIT: It will be interesting to see if WRC can hold on to its ratings lead with the layoffs of Susan Kidd and I.J. Hudson, and the departure of George Michael. It remains to be seen how the NBC 2.0 budget cuts will affect news.

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Should also note that WDCW, (theCWwashington) at Noon beat WJLA/WTTG Newscasts with Maury. It also beat WUSA at 5 in fourth place. They also were Second at 10AM behind WRC's 10 AM newscast.

It sounds like WDCW is doing great as a CW station. I think the ratings gains will continue as the CW network grows. Also it should be noted that WDCW is in 4th place at 5pm. Judge Mathis beat WUSA 9 and at 6pm the Simpson was in 3rd place also beat WUSA.

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