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News war set to intensify


Geoff Shearer | The Brisbane Courier-Mail | January 22, 2011 12:01AM




BUSY TIMES: Ten's local news chief Cathie Schnitzerling. Picture: Annette Dew Source: The Courier-Mail


AS Queensland nears its latest news war, Network Ten has declared its massive news service assault starting Monday won't use shock-and-awe tactics.


"We're in for the long haul," Ten Brisbane director of news Cathie Schnitzerling said yesterday as the final touches were being put to the station's remodelled news set and new voice-overs were being recorded.


"We will come in in a way that's not going to be radical. It's a case of we're still the same Channel 10 but look at what we can do when we've got more resources available to us."


The addition of 10 new editorial and production staff and a further 10 technical staff, along with additional cameras, brings Ten up to competitive news-gathering and presenting levels.


From Monday, Ten's locally produced one-hour news bulletin at 5pm will be followed by a half-hour national news bulletin anchored by George Negus before a new half-hour local service from 6.30pm to lead into the popular panel news program The 7PM Project.


It represents a two-and-a-half hour barrage of news on weekdays. Ten will also reintroduce local weekend bulletins at 6pm.


But rival networks Seven and Nine, riding high on a strong increase in audience levels with their coverage of the Queensland flood crisis, have come out with guns blazing at any threat Ten's move may pose.


Seven's Brisbane news director Rob Raschke said the channel didn't take competition lightly.


"But we don't spend a lot of time looking over our shoulder either," he said.


In a stinging backhand to 68-year-old Negus's new role on Ten, Raschke described the veteran journalist as "a worthy successor to Homer Simpson" in reference to The Simpsons which traditionally occupied the 6pm timeslot on Ten.


"And, like Homer, his focus won't be on Queensland," he said.


"I would encourage all those disenchanted Simpsons viewers to switch to Seven. As Homer once said 'Change the channel Marge'."


Nine Brisbane's news director Lee Anderson also said they would not underestimate Ten.


"It's good to see Ten putting some more resource into their news operation," Anderson said before putting the knife in. "When Brisbane faced its biggest natural disaster Ten obviously found it difficult to cover the emergency effectively, so I hope for them this will mean their network bosses start to take local operation seriously."


In terms of preparing for Monday's incursion, Anderson said: "We have done nothing specifically to counter any effect (by Ten)."


While Raschke said: "We are concentrating on what we do best. Accurate, informed journalism; strong pictures; an emphasis on facts, and telling our viewers information they haven't heard about."

Schnitzerling said the Ten team was up for the battle.


"They're not intimidated at all by Seven and Nine," she said.


"They're entrenched; they're raring because they just want to have a go.


"There will be a change in our relationship (with Seven and Nine). It will be more competitive whereas before we weren't in the competition. We're in the competition now and they will play it very hard. But we're able to play the game."


source: http://www.couriermail.com.au/ipad/news-war-set-to-intensify/story-fn6ck51p-1225992572265

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BTQ 7 Brisbane - Seven News "Love You Queensland" Promo 2011 - a response to Brisbane flood recovery efforts and reprising a BTQ 1980's favorite (my street was similar to the first shot!).


- Nine anchors look (deliberately?) haggard and worn after all their hard work earning our trust.


- a very welcoming bunch.
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BTQ 7 Brisbane - Seven News "Love You Queensland" Promo 2011 - a response to Brisbane flood recovery efforts and reprising a BTQ 1970's favorite (my street was similar to the first shot!).


Figured they'd do that. The 2000s version just sounds a bit too upbeat though... or could Queenslanders use a little upbeatness these days? I also thought Love You only goes back to ca. 1983...


Hope your neighbourhood's doing ok.

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Thanks. Amending. All cleaned up now, at least on the outside. The water came up my street but not to my place. I just moved in too, after the flood!


As far as flood coverage goes, it has to be said that Nine was far in front. Many of their national anchors have Queensland roots and they deployed them to great effect - they kind of owned this coverage. Brisbane is "historically" a Nine town - despite the fact Seven wins news nowadays - and everywhere I looked, Brisbanites were tuning into Nine. Both Seven and Nine essentially had 24-hour coverage for a few days - stopping only around midnight. Sunrise and Today started at 4:00AM local time (5:00AM AEDT) LIVE with all the usual suspects here broadcasting all morning. Ten also ran early news from 4.


Into the second week, Nine took the unusual step of airing a local Queensland Today from 5:30-10 - promising to air a special edition made in Queensland for Queensland, while Sunrise remained networked. While at the height of the crisis, it seemed like a good idea, even Brisbanites turned off the non-stop flood watch. The Monday ep did well, but Sunrise rebounded and was thrashing Today in Brisbane by the end of the week. Was it a case of being too inundated with floods? Was it that the hosts were anchoring in the field and the show was basically "home"-less? I think maybe a case of both. Their efforts at localism should be lauded but it didn't do anything for them.

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Seven Morning News w/Ann Sanders, 2011 2



Perth got the new set, well, sorta kinda. Here is

- a more attractive open than the eastern states' ugly zoom effect. The relaunch is a little underwhelming - obviously an in-house job. I like skylines to be level! About the former look, I could never get my head around that, how they turned the classy vertical look to an angle!
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Ten News at Five Melbourne with Mal Walden, Helen Kapalos. Congratulations Mal! 50 years in the business, part 1. (Funny! 0:40..)



"Don't go anywhere - including you..." I love Wendy Kingston!

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