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thanks to djpalmer.com and erana19, smscmaster, matt01video, aussiebeachut, Mawk3, skSurge at YouTube:





]FNQ-7 Townsville: QTV Eyewitness News, 1991




ATV-10 Melbourne: Ten Eyewitness News, 1992



TVQ-10 Brisbane: Ten News at 5, 2008



ATV-10 Melbourne: Eyewitness News Update, 1980s




ADS-10 Adelaide: Ten Eyewitness News promo, 1991


TCN-9 Sydney: National Nine News, 1993

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TEN-10 Sydney: Ten News w/Ron Wilson, Anne Fulwood, 1989



GTV-9 Melbourne: National Nine News w/Tracy Grimshaw, 1987



GTV-9 Melbourne: Nine Still The One 1990 Melbourne version (probably the best promo ever in Australia)




NTD-8 Darwin: Eight National News, 1996





QTQ-9 Brisbane: National Nine News, 1995



GTV-9 Melbourne: National Nine News, 1990


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TVW-7 Perth: Seven News: 20 years of Rick and Sue



TVW-7 Perth: Seven News promo, 2004



TCN-9 Sydney: National Nine Newsbreak w/Ian Ross, 1982



ATN-7 Sydney: Seven Spearhead ID, 60s



SAS-7 Adelaide: Seven News w/Graeme Goodings, Jane Doyle, 2003



ATN-7 Sydney: Seven Nightly News closer: The Mission, 1989





STW-9 Perth: National Nine News, 2005



TEN-10 Sydney: Ten Late News, September 11, 2001 retrospective

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ATN-7 Sydney: Sunrise w/David Koch, Melissa Doyle, 2007



GTV-9 Melbourne: ABC World News Tonight w/Peter Jennings on Nine, 1993



ATV-10 Melbourne: Ten Morning News, 1990



NWS-9 Adelaide: Nine Action News, 1985



TVQ-0 Brisbane: TVO Eyewitness News, 1987



ATN-7 Sydney: Only the Best on 7 ID, 1989



SBS-28: SBS World News, 1992

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The prevailing opinion on Ten's new graphics at MediaSpy (including Fox :D) seems to be negative, but personally I like them. I never liked the previous graphics; too dark, too depressing, and the 3D "News" in Bank Gothic looked right out of the 90s. Just my opinion.


Shame though about the Sydney/National set... I loved how they used different parts of the set for different bulletins. It was probably the best set in the country. Now it's just blah. Oh well, at least they're not chromakey junkies like Nine.


I do like ATV10's new set.

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ATV-10 Melbourne: Narelda Jacobs on being the first openly gay, Aboriginal anchor on commercial television



7 Sport: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games open, 2008





ATN-7 Sydney: Sunrise in Beijing w/Melissa Doyle, David Koch, 2008



Seven: Wednesday Night at the Movies ID, 1989




Ten Evening News theme, 1990-1995: visit freewebtown.com/tvaustralia/ten_downloads/ten_news/Audio%2010%2095%20News%20Theme.wma


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The new Ten set in Sydney looks exactly like the previous BBC World set, but in blue.


Actually, whilst the desk is straight out of the BBC set design playbook, the studio backdrop is more reminiscent of ITV News out of 1994-1999. There are pictures of the set, with the ITN desk at http://www2.tv-ark.org.uk/news/itvnews/lunch.html.


Look under ITV Lunchtime News 1995.

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