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The worst news opens of all time

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This was WFTV old open & graphics.

This is WFTV's new open & graphics. Although EWN is still being used and the updated graphics aren't bad, but that production theme in the open is :(. Read the info box for more details.


On a separate note, YouTube suspended my account because an WXTV open I uploaded in August. I have a new account now, RGSJenkins88 (new main account) and RGSJenkins8 (back up account)

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Boy, I feel sorry about that man, My old account JBauer2635 got booted in July 2007 because I uploaded some stuff that was questionable. Now I have JackBauer152 and ptb267ii as my accounts although the first account is in limbo due to previous copyright claims, however, I use a 2ndary account to upload my vids.

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WMC 1984: Rather long open, cheesy theme, cheesy graphics. Don't get me started on that tuba!

My first impression when hearing that music made me think someone was attempting to do the "brown noise" on a tuba. Definitely not one of their better opens during that period.

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WMC 1984: Rather long open, cheesy theme, cheesy graphics.

KNSD, then KCST 1986: What, you had to have sketches of the anchors and not real photos?


haha the drawings remind me of the old Family Ties Opening. cant find it on youtube

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KSAT 12s early 90s open:


NO MUSIC BESIDES Random Orchestral Hits


Charlie Van Dyke:

"You're Watching San Antonio's News Station. KSAT 12. SALTER!. GHALLAGER! (sp?) This, is 12News Tonight."




I saw that before from TV Ark, and that's not much of an opening. Maybe those random orchestral hits were an attempt to make it sound hard-hitting. Anyway, KSAT could have done a lot better than that, I think. There was much room for improvement there. This just screams "bottom-of-the-barrel."

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