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The worst news opens of all time

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WBAL 1981 News Open (from when it was a CBS affiliate)



My complaint is that they picked what has to be the WORST cut of "Hello News" that I've heard.


WEWS used the same cut of music (remixed with Catch 5) in their 1981-1984 open.


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The worst news open EVER had to be the one that was used at Woodstock, Virginia's WAZT-TV from 1985 until 1992 when their news was known as "The Evening EYE".


The anchor was Art Stamler who BTW at the time was the owner of WAZT. Very nice man and his late wife Virginia...great person !!! However both Art and Virginia were VERY overweight ( think Orson Wells size !! ) and Art always seemd to be "dirty" looking like he had bought his clothes from Family Dollar !!


The WAZT opening ( 1985-1992) was nothing more than a hand painted sign with the words of "WAZT..THE EVENING EYE", and the music was "A 5th of Beethoven".


There were some old WAZT clips on You Tube a few years back but they were taken down thanks to Winchester, Virginia's WINC-FM radio.

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(Has this one been added already?)



Early 1980 WNBC Open with the Consort gang of Jack Cafferty and Marv Albert...along with Dr. Frank Field


The Octagon 4 from when WNBC had some trouble figuring what to do with their "4". They went from the plain 4 to the octagon seen here to the zig-zag, WTAE-ish 4 for their early N4NY period before settling for the modified version. Add the music which sounds like it came from an early Moog synthesizer, and you have a sketch show's dream.

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Not actually a bad open, IMO, but the logo issue is worth mentioning.


They went to the Octagon 4, then a plainer "4" (not the same as before) while painting the set beige. Then News 4 New York was launched with the "zig-zag" 4 logo before settling on the modified logo a few months later.


Through all of this, promotions retained the 1970s "4" logo next to the Proud N, despite the rather radical logo changes used for news. They did not drop that logo for the new one (the revised die-cut 4) until 1981.

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Yep, if not for those people who stole those videos and put them on Youtube back when it was getting popular.


That WKZX open was a hoot.


With the main anchor or whoever saying "Looking Great, 28!" at the beginning in a karate chop, those cheesy graphics which looked like they were made fifteen years before, and the poor voice-over.


Also, the main anchor was not that good, with a deep Tennessee accent, and what looked like a bad wardrobe. The theme (audio, that is) is still on Southern Media.

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