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KXII's Matt Brown will be the new assistant ND at KAKE in Wichita.




Although, as a small-market station this kind of thing is expected, the turnover rate isn't as high as you'd think from what I've heard in the past. His tenure as anchor seems like the standard for that station anyway. In addition, a number of those that do leave that station generally do end up in mid-sized markets as their next assignment, so it does seem pretty consistent.


An aside, I also noticed that KAKE just started using Chris Sadeghi who also just came from KXII... Made me wonder if Gray is any good at keeping people within the company or these are just flukes.

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It should be noted that Matt was main anchor/news director for quite a few years, so being named assistant news director in Wichita doesn't come as a huge surprise.


Yes, a ten year tenure is pretty noteworthy as both... But the whole story was in the link to boot.

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