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It's interesting to see that Sydney MCTYW. I associate the theme more with Melbourne.. in an Australian context, that is, as Australia's kind of "Move Closer hub"! It lasted longer there, I think. Great stuff though. 1979. Wow.


CTC-7 Canberra, 1995: Ten Capital Eyewitness News


6:00pm news open. I believe this was the last Australian station to use the "Eyewitness News" brand, continuing after Ten dropped it in late 95.


CTC-7 Canberra, 1995: Ten Capital Eyewitness News promo



TEN-10 Sydney, c1987: Ten Eyewitness News promo


The end features a cityscape with the news logo.


TEN-10 Sydney, c1986: Ten Eyewitness News promo


One-minute, rarely-heard vocal version of Move Closer to Your World.


ATV-10 Melbourne, 1990: Ten Morning News


CBS-inspired theme and open

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ATV-10 Melbourne, 1990: Ten Morning News


CBS-inspired theme and open

How things have changed!



You can see a 'sad' version of the same theme/opener, used in the Melbourne bulletin about a month ago:



I'm pretty sure Ten are the only ones to have a version of their theme for those sort of things - Seven and Nine have different takes on how they handle major events (in Melbourne at least) each time.


Ten have had some rather good news promos - here's an ident that fits into their existing set (once again with the Melbourne presenters); there's also a more national version with some of the Sydney-based newsreaders for the Early/Morning/Late news bulletins:



A few news openers I really like that haven't (I don't think) been mentioned here..


3 News, from TV3 in New Zealand (same owners as Ten coincidentally):


Aljazeera Newshour (presented from Doha, London and Washington/Kuala Lumpur):




Seven News Melbourne (and two promos they ran not long ago for it):




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A couple of clips from Germany's RheinMainTV, which broadcasts in the Frankfurt area.


March 2007 "RheinMain Aktuell: Das Journal" Open:



May 2007 "RheinMain Aktuell" Open:



They use the old news theme from Britain's ITV.

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TEN-10 Sydney: Eyewitness News with Katrina Lee and Ron Wilson: sport-to-newsreader throw/weather/closer, 1981:


TEN-10 Sydney: "10 TV Australia" ID, 1990:



TCN-9 Sydney: National Nine News open, 1989:



;) tim, I loved that 1990 Ten news brand and prefer that theme to the current one. Their current theme (the original version) took over from that power-military-drum theme in 1995.


About Channel 4, I find it interesting and kinda cool that the hip, stylish Channel 4 has a seriously modern news open, yet the theme is exactly the same as it was in the late 80s.

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The DW news theme reminds me a bit of the old ABC (Australia) news theme.


As for Reporting Scotland... I assume that's the new Pacific Quay studio. Looks okay, I guess they could've used blue instead of red on the desk to match the titles. I know the titles are getting really old by this point, but I still prefer this one over the updated ones used on the other regions.

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That NWT one is very, very nice.


Breakfast show Today recently relaunched in Australia - the graphics are different but the set is much the same - for some reason when I recorded this on a Wednesday they didn't use their opening titles:



And Sunday (oddly enough shown on Sunday mornings) got a new set and new male co-presenter:



[These are both on the Nine Network for the record.]

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I'm going off topic again, but the real Bobbie Battista in the very last clip of this blooper reel (at 6:48)...




...reminded me of the clips above so much that I just couldn't stop laughing.

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ahh, such funny stuff. the good old days, too! I liked both the real and not-so-real Bobbies! Jane Turner (top of the page) is kind of a comic genius, I think! If you haven't seen the CNN chopper clip, I command you: Watch it now! :) and the others are so good as well. Man, that one you posted is so funny WWU! What is she doing (!)...OK I get checking your computer, but Riz is on-air (!) and, well, she's supposed to be too but she's chucking her pen all over the place, etc.. :)I vaguely remember seeing that clip somewhere a while back. Every time I see it, I laugh. Bobbie is kinda endearing and charming, though with a tendency to be a space cadet at times!


1989: NBC/7 Australia movie intro:



1989: 7 Australia ID: the only (

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