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Cable TV and How It’s Changed


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I’ve been thinking a lot about channel changes lately, and although TV stations have made some *ahem*… notable ones, cable TV is a true victim of this. So I’d like to discuss the changes and rebrands made with cable TV channels.


Let’s start with CourtTV. Today it’s a semi-popular digital sub-channel network, but before New Year’s Day 2008, it was a bustling cable network, broadcasting live court trials occasionally. On July 11th, 2007, TimeWarner announced CourtTV would be replaced by TruTV on January 1st. The new brand was intended to focus more on action-oriented reality programming which did not necessarily involve crime and law enforcement. TruTV signed on at midnight on January 1st, and the rest is history.


So what do you have to say? I swear, it ain’t just me who’s thought of this.

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