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A fresh start for school news


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Hello everyone!


I've been thinking about doing this post, and sharing this with you all for a while now and so now I am doing it. I've mentioned this once or twice I think on the forum before but I am the founder of my school's news program, I am also in charge of editing, as well as doing our graphics, which I've made myself like the many concepts I've posted on here. We started the program late last school year, here is our first episode.


This is our first episode of the school year when we started to implement a new graphics package

And this is our most recent episode, since our first episode of the year we slighted edited the graphics and started to use a green screen again.

In addition we also do a monthly edition in Spanish. I would most appreciate any feedback y'all could give us on the overall product, from both graphics packages, the sets, and the stories from the collective experience's across the industry from the overall way we do things, etc as we try our best to put out a professional product out each week, as when you look online for other high school news programs, they are not this professional or as concise IMO. Also, we are considering a rebrand in the coming weeks as one of the challenges we have faced is being confused with our school's weekly newsletter which is of the same name. 

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17 minutes ago, TVLurker said:

visual effects could be better. the set is the best it can possibly be, don't change the set, i am a fan of it.

Thank you so much! You are referring to the green screen set used in our most recent episode right? Thanks! Within the industry I'm not the biggest fan of green screens but since we're on a tight (non existing) budget and we had the green screen lying around we thought why not use it though we'd still like to explore using some form of a real set. That new rebrand we are considering switching to is "Magnet Newsroom" and there is a small room with windows that overlooks our media center, giving the view sort of a newsroom feel but as far as how it would look beyond that we're not sure. Also the lighting is bad in there, the lights weren't replaced with brighter ones unlike the rest of our building recently. Both sets seen in that video (the beginning one and the one that darkens at the end) I based them off European sets as I am a fan of most design's coming from there (sets and graphics) and I'm glad it seemed to pay off! In regard to "visual effects", do you mean the overall graphics package (I assume you mean the one we're currently using) or certain aspects of it? I made a concept based off the new CBS O&O look that we might use for the rebrand as well.

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Hello everyone,


Magnet Newsroom has launched, first a few things.

1) With the rebrand, we have moved officially into that spare room I mentioned, trying our best to create a decent set in it. In the coming weeks, we are wanting to 3D print our new logo, (The three hexagons in a box, a motif to the new CBS O&O logo designs and our school's official logo) and hang it up on that bare wall you see at the end, it is going to be huge!

2) We recognize two things, that their were MANY pronunciation errors in this edition and the lighting was TERRIBLE. We plan on purchasing some overhead lights to fix that. 

3) With the new graphics, we also have a voiceover, Rebeckka Schram of WANF!


Please fill free to leave any comments, questions, or suggestions as we continue experimenting around with our product!


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Hello everyone, our latest edition of "Magnet Newsroom", we reintroduced the headlines segment, using a new transition and AR which I'm very pleased with and our very first on-sciences report, we hope to do this throughout the rest of the year with various students (preferably freshmen and sophomores) to find some potential successors for our current anchor team. 



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