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Carol Lin Leaving CNN


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First on TVNewser: Carol Lin is leaving CNN after her last broadcast on Dec. 31. At an internal meeting today, Jon Klein "praised her work as an anchor and journalist and wished her all the best as she pursues other opportunities," a tipster says...


What do ya'll think? I think she was good for the network. Everyone knows she broke the 9/11 story. She'll be missed.

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Guest Junk Junk

She's been there since around '98.


Sad to hear she's leaving. She's a solid anchor and reporter. Best wishes to her in her future endeavors.

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Meh, CNN

\Don't Watch

\\Haven't since '97


I havnt watched National News for a little while, If I did Id rather watch FOX News, or MSNBC but I do sometimes watch CNN and Aaron Brown, and Anderson Cooper and sometimes Newsroom. I stopped watching CNN in 2005 or early 2006, when I got a big Cable pack, but I still remember the people on the channel, and definatley remember Carol Lin.

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