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Help Identifying a News Update Theme (Gari)

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I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the theme used by POP TV in Slovenia as the background music for news updates in the 1990s (headphones may help):




Is it a rarely used cut of Eyewitness News, which POP TV used for closes? Is it a part of Gari's (unnamed) custom theme for POP TV? Or was it taken from some other package?


Thanks in advance!

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I would lean toward it being a part of Gari's custom POP TV theme. That cut borrows heavily from a theme on Image News. It was not totally uncommon for Gari to mish-mash themes from the US syndicated packages together for clients abroad - they did it for PRO TV too.

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A lot of Gari's work (especially around that time) borrowed heavily from other Gari works... You can find parts of Eyewitness News in Empire and parts of Making a Difference in News Watch. It's how all the "Package with other signature" packages exist, they just drag 'n dropped the sequences around as needed. It certainly helped with marketing the packages as having "500 cuts!" even if a handful of them were noticeably identical to other packages. Nobody would have noticed or cared, and if you did find something that sounded too similar to something on a different station in town, you moved down the track list one or two tracks, and there was a version that sounded different enough.



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