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Decades Network Will Flip to Sitcom-Centric ‘Catchy Comedy’ in March


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Weigel Broadcasting Co. is flipping its digital broadcast network Decades into the sitcom-centric Catchy Comedy on March 27, Variety has learned exclusively. The over-the-air network will focus on a library of classic comedies, with an emphasis on key female stars including the signature shows from Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett.


But also central to the Catchy Comedy lineup are key series from Norman Lear, as well as some of the most lauded sitcoms of all time – including the original “Night Court,” which is back in the spotlight thanks to the success of the revival series on NBC.


Unlike Decades, which wasn’t measured by ratings, Catchy Comedy will be Nielsen-rated. “That takes it into a different sphere, in terms of advertiser availability and access,” said Neal Sabin, vice chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co. “There are many advertisers that won’t look at these networks unless they’re rated, and we’re pretty confident that we have something here that will rate well.”



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Decades has changed its format and on-air schedule a few times across its history (including into what it is at its end), so it doesn't surprise me much. I enjoy the sitcoms reruns it airs and The Binge though, and I'm excited they will carry over to the new network, along with the new pickups I love.

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The channel is really 3 of Pluto TV’s classic sitcom channels combined into one diginet. It will be nice to have for a subchannel option. The 80s kid in me really wishes Nexstar would push Rewind TV for distribution harder. 

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I see that there is a number of existing sitcoms that will remain on the schedule. I kinda thought that said existing sitcoms were being wasted on this, a lesser-known subchannel, especially after the CBS O&Os dumped it in favor of Start TV.


Don't like the new name, though.

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Decades is on WLLA's .5 I believe, the only subchannel that Spectrum has from WLLA is METV which was Retro when they added it. Through The Decades would've been the only show I'd watch from time to time if it was ever added. Nextar promoted SportsGrid when that was added to .3 before they removed it for TheGrio in late Oct than they do for Rewind TV. 

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