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FOX Sports debuting new football graphics


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IF that is a leak, it's...not as bad as I expected. Feels about the same size as the outgoing model, unless it is full-width, which means it would take up the bottom quarter of the screen...which I guess isn't an impossibility.

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2 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

Have to say, reminds me somewhat of the 2010-14 pack a bit.






Yeah it doesn't look all that bad. It might be a little big, but it's not terrible. 

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The new scorebug has debuted. Looks nice.




Don't know if this is new, as I'm only watching this because it's free but, the scorebug is interchangeable to allow any information on the players and other things like total plays. 




Expanded details on the players 




Flag piece of the scorebug 




Referee warning piece of the scorebug




Booth review




Touchdown: Eagles




Touchdown: Chiefs


These Touchdown graphics are very cartoonish. Even the images of the players are drawn. 




Scoring board information. I wish a variation of this worked with the Touchdown graphic. Looks nice and elegant with a touch of sportiness. 




The Super Bowl logo is nice and 3D, rebuking the now-typical flat trends




Another 3D transition

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I'm mixed on the new scorebug, it'll probably grow on me but my first impression was that is big and a little all over the place from the giant logos to the line at the end of each logo, and don't get me started on the touchdown animation!

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Nice evolution of the package - plays well on big 4K TVs, not dumbed down flat to only work on a 10 inch phone.  Intricate detail and depth for 4K, but bold and easy to read the key points from a distance. Keeping the italics gives it that feel of speed on the field.


Nice use of light and metallic for the player pop ups (even if it's still the cartoon drawing portraits). 3D metallic just looks impressive on big screens. 


Typeface stayed distinctive and avoided the herd mentality of some Gotham like generic rounded sans serif that's polluted airwaves for years. 


Well done Fox.

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The touchdown graphic looks like a comic book action sequence “bam”, “pow”, etc. 


the flag graphic looks like a breaking new alert you’d see on cable news. 

and they are still using those stupid player cartoon illustrations.

not a fan  

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The touchdown animation and parts of this package look heavily influenced from the NASCAR package.


I’m surprised the comic book caricatures haven’t spread to MLB coverage yet. That’s a place where those could actually work, IMO.

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According to the graphics, you'd think Marvel was involved in the SB LVII production. Couldn't watch due to second job. Listened to Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner on Westwood One radio. Kevin and Kurt were top-notch announcing the nail-biter of a game. Congrats K.C.!

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