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Help to identify package or production library used (Sample recordings inside)


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Here are two tracks, which were used by some local channel news in our country in 1990s. They were ripped from VHS recordings.

Same music, but different variations - one from 1996-1997, another - 1997-1999


I'm quite sure, that they were taken from some package or library, because of two reasons:

1. In such seasons other bumpers, cues and backgrounds in our news programme were taken from De Wolfe and Network Music Libraries (random tracks from random albums). I crawled their collection, identified most of the music pieces, used in such years, but haven't managed to find origins of this cues.

2. Later this channel used well-known "Image News" and "In-Sink" as their news package.


Can anybody help me with identification?

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So, probably I managed to solve this mystery after some re-crawl.

And this idents also have their origin in De Wolfe library. But in interesting way.

It's mix of two different tracks, which were rearranged, or, to be honest, just plagiarized by unknown local composer.

Probably, channel didn't find matching tracks in disks, they had, so they asked some musician to implement their idea, using some tracks as reference


Percussion, rhytm part was, probably, taken from "Non Stop News" by Simon Park (DWCD 0163)

And main melody - "Mirror Image" by Mark Steeds (RMCD 2014).

You can listen both tracks on De Wolfe website and compare by yourself.

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