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WDAM new set


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Gray is on a tour of Mississippi it seems…


WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS has moved newscasts to a temporary set in their newsroom area. The set they’re replacing dates back to their HD debut in 2012. 420536A1-5ADA-4441-B76A-2E1A310A757D.thumb.png.a41074cc4c2f5d333a8bee1fe70e73a9.png87A8EB72-B3CB-41F3-9EEB-A102704F627A.thumb.png.131496793c89407e73ec4e1770d57c0e.pngEF0119D1-2F24-42A2-ADB9-71399B397E39.thumb.jpeg.02de6ff4cdddc963e9b4d8033bc58d47.jpeg


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On 11/18/2022 at 1:16 PM, mrschimpf said:

Pretty darned good temp setup despite the 'job fair booth' vibes of that background, and it looks like they even have the 'fern couch' to the right for community interest/advertorial interviews.

I disagree. This looks pretty bad. At the very least, they could've steamed that background so it isn't so wrinkled.

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8DF1BFBE-CB5F-47EF-A3E0-A5904530A473.thumb.png.e2bd279eecf8b935f099a180514980d7.png1C689753-602C-436B-91D6-A68C7F395E3E.thumb.png.1f69d6355bff22be178bd79b0b1189ed.png9300C851-989D-4C7E-B8B8-0CDB6CA78042.thumb.png.83b7d8b935b589ec80792fd00afc7fe7.png1DB24530-E2D3-4026-A2F5-BCBEDF6EB6F8.thumb.png.8f584feb3d726551c3610d6caeb6babb.png3CAFE4EF-95C9-4851-9175-D5C7A1EDC5BC.thumb.png.683401b85e30bc428706aaca96d07bbe.pngBD284B4E-B74B-491D-9202-8406755D1457.thumb.png.96b0f6c27917a88f76cd4650c2068725.png1187CBCA-2288-4E12-939B-C2BC88978BAA.thumb.png.8180403392a8e89d29fd93fd06346934.png0023B5A5-199C-49F2-A604-3159D6F17ED3.thumb.png.2124befcb90f77887a8cc248d5e74be7.pngSet has debuted and for the space and market that it’s in, it’s a beauty.  

No new graphics — only some changes to the cuts of their existing music package and updated opens/re-opens. 


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