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KGO Radio is dead. Long live KGO.


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I don't know how a 24/7 sports betting format (in a state without legalized sports betting and propositions bound to fail in November) is either in the public interest, or the best use of a 50,000 watt signal. It's a niche format that appeals to an even smaller niche and still has the stink of the 90s Sunday morning infomercial era and Jimmy the Greek all over it.


Just move their KNBR overflow from 1050 to 810 and put whatever BetQL/VISN ripoff they're trying there instead.


Radio has been real weird this week; they're trying FCC-compliant hot talk in Dallas/Ft. Worth, as if that format will rate any better than the music they previously played (and zero out the women completely).

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From what I've heard over the years, sports radio is good at generating revenue. Like WFAN was never near the top of the ratings, but there was a period where it produced more revenue than any other station in the country. Nowadays, all the gambling stuff is grabbing on to the latest trend, with the Supreme Court letting the states allow sports gambling on a case by case basis.


And KGO was doomed between the introduction of PPMs exposing their actual listenership and all of it's post-Disney ownership.

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10 hours ago, MD TV said:

And KGO was doomed between the introduction of PPMs exposing their actual listenership and all of it's post-Disney ownership.


Yep, that's true. Look at the last ratings book... KQED, KCBS and KSFO were all higher in the ratings than KGO. If your even higher than syndicated KSFO with your local lineup in some dayparts on KGO, then you know its fucked up and a change was needed.


And honestly, if I lived in San Fran, I'd be listening to either KQED or KCBS for my news and information anyways. I may be part of the demise of KGO by listening to someone else, but hey, I listen to what I want to listen to so... yeah, there. Hell, even KNBR/KTCT/KNBR-FM and even KGMZ would've been worth my time compared to KGO.

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