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KATC new set


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What is it with all these FX sets looking cheap? They’ll occasionally do a decent job (ex: WTKR, WJZY), but most of their sets look old and tacky even when they’re new. I guess it looks good enough for a sub-100 market, but this is the same “shove it in the corner” crap they make for stations in the top 50.

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I don't know why everyone is so picky about sets being in the corner.. I think it makes great use of space that's usually not used... Take WOOD for example.. They hosted the MI Gubernatorial Debate last night... They were able to move the anchor desk completely and use that space in the corner for a "press room" area... A lot of these sets where you see big ass desks dead center in the studio would have a hard time being moved someplace else if they needed the studio for something else... 🤷‍♂️

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My 2¢: Use of a corner (and even strategic use, based on the actual studio) can let a station have 2 separate sets in a space that may have originally been designed for 1.  Plus, depending on the set design, use of a corner can make the studio seem bigger on air than it is (all in the sight lines and layout…).


A lot of work has been done to optimize these set designs, and while we may not like the sameness between markets, most folks watching don’t even know that the same set KATC has may be being used at WMAR or KXLF…



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I think it looks fine, but some shine on the wall and column elements would give it a bit more of that big market, HD zeal. That's why it feels dated already. The weather center monitor wall is solid white, which feels a bit lifeless and corporate, and there's no branding on that desk. But this is also Lafayette, LA, we're talking about. Perfectly suitable, and I bet the talent are thrilled to have something so new.

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