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NBC Remodeling, Dividing Studio 3B?


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FIST FIRST on TVNewsTalk...


The TVNewsTalk On Your Side I-Team Investigators have obtained building plans that appear to show NBC is in the process of renovating and dividing Studio 3B (last major use was NBC Nightly News/Rock Center up until 2017). The plans show two similar looking studios (however, the plans are marked "Scenic Fabrication by others, shown as reference for coordination purposes only") named as "3B-1" and "3B-2".


The plans appear to show a 360 degree track camera in each, possibly similar to what BBC News uses.


Could these be for WNBC and WNJU once Telemundo moves to 30 Rock?







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Someone mentioned a couple of months ago in the WNBC thread that new studios for both stations would be built on the 2nd Floor at 30 Rock.  Dividing 3B in half would probably result in two small studios. Currently 3C is listed at just over 4000 sq ft.  3K where News4NY broadcasts from is 2668 sq ft, so it would be smaller if that is the case.  I would hope the days of a cramped studio for WNBC are long gone thinking back to 7K conference room disaster as well as when they were in 3C (1310 sq ft).  I still miss the days of 6A.  Lots of room, multiple sets....  But until they make some announcements, who knows.

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18 minutes ago, Mrtraveler01 said:

I believe that NBC News Daily will be produced from the studio currently in use for the rest of NBC News Now is produced.

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2 hours ago, MidwestTV said:

Hmm 360° track like BBC isn't really something that's ever been done before in the US, is it? On the surface it would be very unique (especially if it was used for local news - hypothetically).


I still miss that Rock Center studio.

KKTV in Colorado Springs has such a thing already:



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1 hour ago, NowBergen said:

Back to a small studio for WNBC.  What a shame. 

Hopefully it at least looks better than what they have now. The current studio is big, but it has lots of wasted space and it even looked a bit outdated when it was new. The set it replaced was small, but it at least looked better imho.

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Just my opinion but I'm expecting these sets to be similar to the NBC Boston and Telemundo Boston sets, small but versatile, heavy use of video walls/big tech. If either of them need a bigger set (debates, special events, whatever) they can use one of the other sets at 30 Rock or even CNBC if needed, my guess is they'll have a permanent newsroom flash cam & desk similar to set up NBC Boston and NBC Philadelphia use. 


Anyone else thinking Nightly News to Studio 3K? It would be a good use of soon to be empty space, plus 1A's recent update feels temporary and it could really use full redo again, 3C is being used by MSNBC but is thrown together, 4E is used by News Now which is working but won't as they expand coverage. Seems NBC is in the same situation it was in 2017 when they switched studios around. 

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