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WAGM New Studio

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WAGM unveiled a new studio last fall. I don't think it's been covered on the fourms or Discord, but take a look at the set. It's FX Design Group's cookie cutter set that was used for a lot of ex-Raycom stations with duratrans and eventually placed with BMWs or BAMs1088819044_ScreenShot2022-06-15at9_36_41PM.thumb.png.780c80329bb32e76eb6d052d6b65a0ce.png1900480355_ScreenShot2022-06-15at9_36_59PM.thumb.png.fc7632294dbf865ad2ba8702160da5fa.png197231206_ScreenShot2022-06-15at9_39_01PM.thumb.png.3e2bcd8334c89a1ab7e6acafef68fc63.png115260408_ScreenShot2022-06-15at9_39_30PM.thumb.png.ffbc8e91e398389623909bd77e707c68.pngattachment-271241141_1524539671262744_970547067043100813_n.jpg.d29e7af4976789a5220d589b05ab6017.jpgattachment-271403248_1524539697929408_3558297223339537736_n.jpg.e37460d79f16556eb024753ef354b0c3.jpg. Also look how washed out the talent is on the set. I think this set only has the main anchor desk with duratrans, a wx center, and chroma key wall.

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It's more of a backdrop than a set.  There's no dimension whatsoever to the background.  It's just there.


It has to be some kind of adapted hand-me-down taken from one of the old Raycom stations and shipped up to Presque Isle under Gray.


Even the keywall seems narrow, like it was originally for 4x3 use. 

To get a full 16x9 shot on that, you would have to zoom in pretty far unless there's some good clipping going on (and it that's not the case, you would see it on TV for sure!)



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The background...why?! This gives me 'Family Video VHS tapes in front of the window for years and years' sun-weathered vibes. I know WAGM has always been low-budget no matter the owner, but the set should be reversed; an LED background on the back (even a cheap Roku TV would be fine!), and they can put some kind of still on the desk.

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It's not bad for a really really small market, but those cameras and that lighting need some work. Actually, mostly lighting, especially to not make the flat set look so...flat. But those cameras also really need some white balancing.


Then again, this is a small market we are talking about and probably very low on the priority list especially when it comes to funding. So let's just be grateful they're not doing the news in front of a curtain with a flat screen on a cart and a card table for a desk.

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