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Queen City News custom theme

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Really interesting post here on Newscaststudio about Queen City News' theme, which launched after their rebrand, and wouldn't have happened had something else not fallen through.


Great intent here with wanting something timeless, accessible, WPVI like. Going back to having full opens that take their time to build a sonic brand. Using organic instruments over synth samples. Aligning with the 'smiling people on the streets' visuals. All very promising things.


But the execution here...while quality production...just comes across as too somber to my ears. There's not that sense of upbeat that should go along with community shots. And the pace of the melody seems too slow for news. Maybe future cuts will explore those dimensions.





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Interesting read. Being in the market,  I hear it, and especially the signature, as soon as I heard it, I heard a hint of Aerial (Which I am actually a fan of - lol). I definitely knew from that point it was a Stephen Arnold theme. But I also agree, it is kind of somber to me. I am interested to see what the future cuts would sound like. 

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On 5/21/2022 at 2:04 PM, mark said:

Anyone else reminded of this when they hear the theme? I like it but I'm reminded of this series every time I hear it.


I KNEW it sounded familiar but couldn't think of what from. Definitely this!

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