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Hello everyone, I am here to share with you a set CONCEPT with you today. Please note as like I said in all caps in the title this is a CONCEPT/DEMO and not official in any, way shape or form. With that out of the way here is a concept of mine for WGCL first, I have many concepts and I look forward to sharing them all with you soon! Please leave any questions, comments, or feedback, thanks! I am willing to go into further details on my choices for this concept upon further request.image.thumb.png.e00af3cc6b8a08c4af6d322c75201ebc.pngimage.png.14af21ac946197fa8f751b17bf9d66b7.pngimage.png.b9c2123b1bb21428a6fb373de5619203.pngimage.png.68ed7ae6611e8dc954a74c47457084bb.png

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16 hours ago, KRAP-TV said:

I quite like your concept. Keep at it!

Thank you very much, I've decided I will put all of my concepts on this page. With that being said here is another concept of mine for WCVB Boston, if you have any request please feel free to let me know!                                      image.png.e4ebae76a2da2d041eacfd8752442956.png image.png.612f3379b5b987cb66636b8b980fbba4.pngimage.png.808e11579a4deeb1bcb67b677710e9bf.pngimage.png.9ecf3f3c245960ac8a48691add0d9b2e.pngimage.png.85349dd68f1026ddce17632f7b649a1e.png

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Hello everyone it's been a while so here is another concept of mine, this time we are looking at WAGA in Atlanta. The current set although nice when debuted, is slowly aging due to it being plain, one color graphic backdrops, etc so here is something more in line with the modern FOX brand. Let me know your thoughts, and leave me any stations you would like me to create, thanks!                                                                             image.png.87ea9992f2412a7170ef2033af59d2da.pngimage.png.6cd4547c8a2db8f8fb5db05f36a5a0a9.pngimage.png.cc11c91054d26f1b2563004ad2b5b28b.pngimage.png.19a781d70e9af061a52825ea809816c0.png

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Hello everyone again, once more today I have another concept. I do not yet have a station for it, I hope you all can be of help with that. The suggestion I think best fit's the set will be added to the set with respective branding, logos, city skyline, etc. Thanks again all!image.png.4d39223bc4ab30c7a885a7f8572f6ddf.pngimage.png.731c4d78b522a8fafc7252680623d661.pngimage.png.36c52b0a0d622a7df465aa04641392b9.pngimage.png.5da9c39a24df4a0ef7947afd2a3bc5c2.pngimage.png.b755c171aff86681bbc6e83c5431abda.png

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