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WSAZ in newsroom/Charleston set

Dakota Laughlin

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Forgive me if this is the wrong thread, however WSAZ started broadcasting from their newsroom during the midday show today, while Tim Irr (their evening anchor) anchored from their very rarely used Charleston set... (which I never understood the reason of them building two new sets back in 2019 as opposed to just the main in Huntington.) Regardless, they said on air that this change was due to some repairs to their satellite on top of the building, and would last for several days... just thought it was sort of odd; I was hoping they we making some minor changes to their set or something. What's everyone's thoughts, think it truly is what they say or something more? 

Screenshot (196).png

Screenshot (197).png

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I'd say it's a logistics move to vacate the studio while the work is going on, especially if the satellites are mounted on the roof of the studio.  With the egg on management's face from the MMJ incident, they're very likely taking employee safety VERY seriously, and (God forbid) don't want a satellite dish crashing through the ceiling during a live  newscast!

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