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BBC audio board question


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I came across a listing on Ebay for an old audio console previously used by BBC.


I'm curious if anyone knows what this part of the listing description means:



Please note that the engraving of the faders is BBC standard (Reverse) – the faders function both ways indeed – BBC and standard.



I can't tell by the pictures what engraving this is in reference to. Looks like the fader numbers are engraved on them but I don't see what is "reverse" about them.


Edit: After writing this post but before posting, I think I figured it out. Looks like the operation of the faders is in reverse. To bring the volume up, you pull the fader down! The "engraving" of the volume marks on the panel along side the fader travel path is in reverse with full volume at the bottom. Interesting, yet weird! Anyone know why BBC does it that way? Is it common elsewhere?


bbc calrec omega.jpeg

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I’ve never heard of this before, every board I’ve seen has been the normal way.  The BBC manufactured or commissioned their consoles though so…this could be something only they do.  Lots of speculation in that thread on why. 

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