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ID'd: The Best News of All: Tuesday Productions


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Hmm, I wonder what the source of that info is.


Also, of the three image song examples added, I don't think the WCCO one actually belongs with "The Best News of All". I actually wonder if it might belong with WCCO 1983, because the "We're Thinking News" melody seems to match the 4-note motif in that package (or at least, in the "Serving and informing the Twin Cities for four decades" open cut).

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I agree, I thought I heard a WCCO version of that image, because I vaguely remember 'CCO, we're coming through....could be wrong..plus there is a slew of stations missing from the list who also used this package. I wonder too how this got ID'd as a Tuesday package.

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Agree.  “Best news of all” came a few years after the theme labeled “WCCO1983” which has it's origins in the “On the move” image music heard here:



And in the first news open: 



I've been searching for a copy of this theme (also used later at WNYT).   Grateful for any leads. 

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