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New Music and Voiceover for Fox News Special Reports


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As heard today in the closing of the SR for the Anniversary of the January 6th Riot. Oddly enough, the opening used the current (soon to be former) music and VoiceOver.



(Skip to about 33:49 to hear it)


The soon to be former Music and Voiceover for Fox News Special Reports originates from 2009, with Greg O'Neil, the then current voice of the Fox News Channel, providing the voice and the music being a variation of the old FBC O&O music. That replaced the previous version from 2002-2009, which also had Greg O'Neil's voice, but used a variation of the old Fox News Channel theme. When Fox updated the graphics in 2018, they kept both the voice and music, despite them both being out of date. It seems that appears to be changing now, with the closing to today's SR for the January 6th riot anniversary having new voiceover by the current FNC announcer (IDK his name) and new music which sounds like generic news music to me, without any relation to any Fox Broadcasting or Fox News themes. I guess we'll probably hear it again at the SOTU in February, unless something happens between now and then that needs a SR. IDK why, but part of me has a feeling we'll see a new SR intro by the time the SOTU rolls around.

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