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'Watching Winter Live' from WGN/Nexstar


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WGN Chicago's streaming afternoon products are starting to branch out. The originally-scheduled 1 (English), 2 (Spanish), and 3pm (co-anchored) WGN News Now webcasts are seeing occasional pre-emptions for things like long-form coverage (court cases, etc.), and a Monday Chicago Bears recap.


New today, in place of the 3pm stream, is Watching Winter Live. Hosted today by anchor Chip Brewster, he was joined by WGN meteorologists Demetrius Ivory, and longtime weather producer Bill Snyder. Now, why am I including Nexstar in the title? Well, their intention is to have meteorologists from any and all Nexstar stations participate in this weekly roundtable/Q&A, depending on what's in the weather headlines and such, so don't be surprised if this pops up on your local Nexstar streaming outlets in the coming weeks. Does this turn into something more, over time? I do not know, but in the meantime, here's the first show.


I timed the video to the final seconds before the stream begins, but feel free to enjoy the nearly 4 minutes of the Chicago's Very Own theme that leads off the video.



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