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Sinclair Ransomware Attack


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L3s are back on KEYE/Austin as of late last week but something is screwy. Half the time they disappear almost as soon as they pop up. So fast you can’t even read them. Also … they STILL are not doing live shots. Pretty shocking. 

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One of the things this cyberattack took away from WEAR in Pensacola, and I thought it was permanent, was the extra 25 minutes of their 10pm newscast.  The lack of recording ability forced them to air ABC network programming in-pattern.  WEAR is likely the last ABC station that had an hour-long 10pm show after stations like WISN and KSAT scrapped theirs.


Well, the newscast is finally back to an hour again and Jimmy Kimmel / Nightline are now time-shifted like before with JKL at 11pm CT and Nightline at Midnight Central.

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