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WALA new set?

tyrannical bastard

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Thought things looked a little different on their 4pm show today.  This Facebook live from Morning Anchor Sarah Wall pretty much confirms it.



It was was one of those FX jobs done back in 2012 for their HD launch so it's a needed change.  Hopefully Meredith left some money in the budget for a good set like WSMV's, so they can carry it on to Gray.

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On 9/27/2021 at 10:48 PM, TennTV1983 said:

WALA's set has not aged well, which can be said of just about every FX-designed set from that era. 


I doubt they would get a setup like this, but anything from this early decade would be better than what they had.

Hopefully it's a Z Space set, but given the tortured two years Meredith has been through (and about to be sold), hopefully it was locked down on paper before all that happened.

Maybe a nice parting gift by Meredith to the station before Gray takes them over.  Sort of like how Tribune FINALLY re-did the WJW set right before the sale to Nexstar.

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Looks like the new set is up and running.
Looks like they pulled a WKRG and re-tooled the existing FX set.  They basically put up a bank of vertical monitors, and got a new desk.  You can see parts of the old backdrop in the back.


Meh.  But than again, Meredith is about to be out of the business anyway, so any improvement is a plus.  I guess  I was expecting more seeing the other Meredith sets launched in recent years.


The shots below are all that can be seen...it looks like it launched this morning on their 7am show.

wala 1.jpg

wala 2.jpg

wala 3.jpg

wala 4.jpg

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