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Hurricane Ida

tyrannical bastard

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4 hours ago, PelicanGuy said:


That's why WWL worked out a deal back in the early 2000s with LPB to broadcast from there instead of going all the way to Houston, Memphis or Dallas.


At that time, Memphis wasn't an option, while Houston and Dallas were but the distance is significant. I know WGNO also worked with WBRZ (both ABC affiliates) during Katrina but that would be unnecessary now as WGNO now has WVLA/WGMB. 

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42 minutes ago, tyrannical bastard said:

WVUE is back in their studio in New Orleans, and appears to have resumed normal operations, outside of wall-to-wall coverage.


WDSU went to NBC prime at 7, only to dip out shortly after for a press conference by local officials.


Overall, those two stations have been the shining stars during the crisis. I agree that WWL has fallen big time in terms of product quality.

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Peyton LoCicero, a reporter at WGNO experienced her SECOND hurricane strike at the station she's worked for.



In 2018, she worked for WMBB in Panama City as the Okaloosa County reporter.  As they were not hit during Michael, (but the main station was), she was basically left as the only link to the outside for them until WFLA was able to assist them with coverage.

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